Our Companies

The synergy and experience gained by our group companies over the years have contributed to the development and strengthening of many a health service providing institution throughout Latin America.


HOSPIRENTA PANAMÁ S.A. is a Panamanian company and a pioneer in rental services of health care technology. It has a wide product and service portfolio in line with your needs so you can get quick, prompt and suitable service, as well as make a risk-free investment.

For more information please click www.hospirentapanama.com


QUIRURGIL S.A. is a Colombian enterprise founded in 1986 with business units in the areas of rentals (Hospirenta), home care (Home Care), engineering and medical technology sales. Classified as a leader in the Colombian health sector by Dinero magazine and certified by the ISO 9001 for all its activities.

For more information please click www.quirurgil.com 


SERVIUCIS S.A. is a private institution which provides medium and high level health care services. It is an experienced company which adheres to all legal and professional standards in order to offer quality health care using highly trained and specialized medical personnel. They are equipped with the latest biomedical technology which can make a real difference in positive results for the patients. Backed by Medical Investments LLC, a company based in the State of Delaware, U.S.A. For further information.

please click   www.serviucis.com


Hospitalar Group S.A. is a company serving the needs of the hospital sector, devoted to the promotion, construction, development and management of hospital projects. Its main objective is to facilitate the development of hospitals with high quality standards, and competitive ability with financial result, which will guarantee its viability in time. 

For more information please click www.hospitalargroup.com


Diagnosticarte S.A.S., was founded in October 2009 as a Lending Institution of Health Services in Diagnostic Imaging with emphasis on Magnetic Resonance and Teleradiology

For more information please click www.diagnosticarte.com