Medical Healthcare

Is a group experienced in every field of hospital service, always focused on strengthening the health sector, contributing, thus, to the improvement of peoples’ quality of life. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of its executives, it is in a position to provide advice to all institutions needing to develop hospital infrastructure projects, and always ready to offer integral solutions, which will guarantee the success of their projects.

Our service includes the promotion, development and management of projects, the construction and administration of the different specialized clinical units, provision of medical equipment either through direct sale or through rental of biomedical technology and the technical support of a highly specialized engineering group.  

The President's Message

In the future, no health care institution will be a position to offer high quality care if it does not keep up with rapid advances in medical technology. Technological developments are fundamentally geared toward improving both diagnosis and treatment, and thereby diminishing risks and improving overall quality.

In the same way, working with medical centers to improve their management ability using efficient models is one of the services offered by the enterprises of MHC. Improved health service management together with advanced technology are the basis for real quality improvements in health care.

These are the fundamental beliefs which guide our organization at Medical Healthcare Int. We have a long-standing presence in Latin America and some of our related companies are pioneers in the industry with more than 28 years of solid experience. 

Edwin Gil
President of Medical Healthcare LLC. 


The mission of  MHC International is to support and strengthen health service institutions so that they can improve the quality of human life.